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The night city grows

Look and see her eyes, they glow.

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Char-line looooove~

Char-line looooove~
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Shipping Breakdown!
Char-line looooove~
Hello GA Participants! You are seeing this page if you are curious about your shipping charge:

First off, the total shipping from Brazil to me in the USA was 95$. Since one member never paid, we raised a total of 81$ extra to put towards shipping. I covered the remaining 14$ in order to 1. prevent everyone from making a less than 1$ paypal transaction and 2. to speed up the arrival of the items.

So your shipping total was calculated like this:

1. Do you need a box or a bubble mailer? Keep in mind boxes add to the weight, but also add security. Any order that had bulky, weirdly shaped, or in general had a lot of items was automatically put into a box. I use the smallest boxes possible. You are not paying for me to ship you a crapton of "empty space."

2. 0.56 cents per person (myself included!) to pay the 14$ shipping charge not covered by our original total.

3. 1.00 + pp fee. The 1$ goes towards packing tape, bubble wrap, ziploc bags, and other packing supplies (bubble mailers, etc), plus bus fare (I live near one post office BUT their hours are 9-5, and most days I am working during those times, so I have to take a bus to the next nearest post office).

4. Did you buy any additional items from the "leftovers"? If so, their cost is bulked into the shipping charge.

I also own a postal scale, so your shipping weights are as accurate as possible.

Aaaand that's it! If you have any questions, please ask. If you have any problems, please discus them with me directly. I'm honest and not trying to scam anyone. No hidden fees with me! I'm not your bank :P