The night city grows

Look and see her eyes, they glow.

rah rah Raira rah.
My Apartment is Alderaan

Queer, Poly, Vegetarian, Bike nerd, INFJ, Audiophile, Hipster-lite, Gamer, Joker, Pokemon collector, Builder, Protector, Instigator, Finisher, Worker, Eater, Animal lover, Self-destructive, Healing, Learner, Do-er, Hands-on, Thoughtful, Young, Open, Agnostic, Redditor, Lover, Friend, Listener.

I am an active member of the pkmncollectors community on LJ. I collect assorted merchandise of charmander/charmeleon/charizard, axew/fraxure/haxorus, cyndaquil/quilava/typhlosion, shieldon/bastiodon, venonat/venomoth, tentacruel, togekiss, and groudon. I casually collect Zukan figures, pokedolls, and Pokemon Center Plush.

I am not actively involved in fandom, outside of collecting. I find enjoyment in Harry Potter, the Walking Dead, PTCG, Scott Pilgrim, Fire Emblem, Friends, and video games.

I have two cats and seven pet rats.

This livejournal is FRIENDS ONLY and heavily filtered. That being said, I only update sporadically.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
-- Albert Einstein